Friday, February 8, 2013

L'Oreal Color Caresse Shine Stain Review

  I am a lip color junkie. They've recently become my obsession, and I won't leave the house without at least one in my pocket. Something about a brightly colored pout or even just a soft wash of color brings joy on a cloudy day. Today I'm reviewing a new lip product, the L'oreal Color Caresse Shine Stain.

 Usually I tend to ignore most of the makeup commercials on TV. Oftentimes they're for anti aging serums or other products I don't have much interest in. Flipping through the channels one day I witnessed a L'Oreal commercial for a new lip product, the Color Caresse Shine Stain. Wouldn't hurt to watch, right? I was intrigued by their statements of "made with 30% water" and "the wet look for my lips". I've never heard of commercials specifically advertising the water content of their lip product. I decided I absolutely had to try it, and headed to my local Target to pick up a bottle.

 I got to the store, and was pleasantly surprised by their pretty packaging. I liked the shiny gold square-shaped tube that tapered at the top. Where you twist it to pull off the applicator there is a clear strip that allows the actual color of the lipstick to show through so you knew what color you were getting. I got the color Lilac Ever After, which was more of a faded rose type of color, and not really purple at all. For around $7, I thought it'd be alright to give it a shot and headed to the checkout line.

 When I got home, I was pretty excited. I twisted open the lid and pulled out the applicator. I was somewhat confused. It was that strange, kind of cheap-looking spongey applicator, which I'm pretty sure is kind of unsanitary. I suppose it's fine since it's probably meant for only one person to be using, but I was slightly disappointed. I shrugged it off and began to apply, though didn't specifically like the feel of the brush. Wasn't too big of a deal though. The product itself went on strangely smoothly, and felt almost like applying water onto my lips. It was a really interesting feeling, because it went on feeling like it wouldn't be sticky at all, or even show up, but then rubbing my lips together I could start to feel a tiny bit of stickiness. It wasn't any stickier then a gloss should be (actually a little less then quite a few I've tried), and wasn't very goopy so I was satisfied.

 The shine was pretty nice. Since it wasn't a super thick product my lips didn't have that weird glazed-over look, but still had a lot of shine, so I was happy. I got a color that was similar to my natural lip shade, but I could still tell a difference. It wasn't too dark or too light, but it turned out as the pretty, natural shade I was looking for at the time. As for the "wet look" thing, I'd say it was fairly accurate. It didn't look like water, of course, but the shine was pretty intense yet not strange looking.

 As for the staying power, it was really nice. The glossiness stayed put 'till lunch with only a little fading. After eating lunch the stain still had a nice wash, and didn't gather around the edges of my lips too much. I'd go into the bathroom for touch-ups, and would realize that I didn't have anything to touch up. I only reapplied after I ate my lunch, and that's because I wasn't being mindful about my lipcolor at all at that time. In days to come I would simply reapply because it was fun, and I loved the weird water-feeling texture as I would apply. In total, it lasted me about 7 hours with pretty a pretty decent outcome.
 before                                                       after  

 All in all, I would definitely recommend this product to my friends. I think I'll be going back to try the crazier shades. They had an interesting berry color that seems pretty.

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