Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Airplane Beauty Tips for a Comfortable Flight

 For some, the airplane is a place of excitement. Others view it as a terrible process filled with germs and tiny windows. Either way, it can do a number of negative things to our skin, hair and overall well-being. When we step off the plane, we feel old and grimy, with our eyelids still drooping. Soon I'll be going on a 16-hour plane ride myself, so I thought it a good idea to organize some good tips to lessen the pain of sitting in a cramped plane.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best Drugstore Acne Medication: Clean n' Clear

 Oh, the endless search for an acne solution to answer our prayers. I've been searching for mine since my first sighting of the dreaded pimple. My skincare routine was perfectly normal, yet the little red bumps always seemed to appear. It's a terrible embarrassment, and eventually you just give up and try to wait it out. Sometimes quite painful, acne can impose on your life. Irritated, swollen pimples can make you want to just stay at home and do nothing.

 I understand everyone's skin is different, and this medication might not work for you. I was wary to try acne products after complications with a prescription medication, but felt like I should give pimple products one last try. I did a bit of shopping around, and decided on a relatively cheap little bottle of Clean n' Clear Persa-Gel 10. Couldn't hurt to try, so I gave it a shot.

Friday, February 8, 2013

L'Oreal Color Caresse Shine Stain Review

  I am a lip color junkie. They've recently become my obsession, and I won't leave the house without at least one in my pocket. Something about a brightly colored pout or even just a soft wash of color brings joy on a cloudy day. Today I'm reviewing a new lip product, the L'oreal Color Caresse Shine Stain.