Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Airplane Beauty Tips for a Comfortable Flight

 For some, the airplane is a place of excitement. Others view it as a terrible process filled with germs and tiny windows. Either way, it can do a number of negative things to our skin, hair and overall well-being. When we step off the plane, we feel old and grimy, with our eyelids still drooping. Soon I'll be going on a 16-hour plane ride myself, so I thought it a good idea to organize some good tips to lessen the pain of sitting in a cramped plane.

 Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Even if you have oily skin like me, it'll be dehydrated and sad by the time you land. Make sure to apply a little more then normal so you skin has more to absorb. It might be a good idea to purchase a travel-size moisturizing setting spray, so when you start to feel the cracks forming on your face, you can save the day with a refreshing mist. The day before your flight, use a deep conditioner in your hair to keep it soft and healthy. A nice body lotion would be a good idea too.

Keep the makeup minimal. This seems obvious, but even a light layer of mascara can make you look like a zombie bride after a nap. Too much makeup can weigh you down, and if there's a lot on your eyes, it'll goop up and feel nasty.

Pre-pasted toothbrushes! A few hours into the flight, your mouth is going to feel grimy. Pack one or two toothbrushes with the paste already on the bristles, or just pack a mini toothpaste tube in your carry-on. It may seem minor, but having a fresh mouth makes all the difference.

Pile on the lip balm. Lips dry out really quickly. Keep one in your pocket so when the chapping lips begin, you're covered. Balms can also help for any painfully dry patches on your skin or face, like people who get cracked skin around their nose or elbows.

Get some sleep. Doesn't seem like a beauty tip, but sleep can do some good things for your complexion. If you don't take a thorough nap, you could exit the plan with dark, puffy-looking eyes. Not what we're trying to achieve here. Make sure to get some beauty rest on the plane (if your flight is long enough).

 Even though airports and planes can be dismal, depressing places, we don't have to let it get to us. There are ways we can fight the air-travel blues, and look beautiful while doing so. Just remember to dress comfortably, moisturize often, and don't wear complicated shoes. Seriously, people can get violent if you take 20 minutes to put your shoes back on at the security check. No amount of lip balm and power naps could help you there.

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